Non-Woven Bag


  • 90gsm Non-woven Bag
  • Ultrasonic Bag Handle        
  • Non-woven bag can withstand up to 10kg capacity

Available Sizes: 


  • S-B5 (Fit A5) - Single Color
  • S-A4 (Fit A4) - Single Color
  • S-A3P (Fit A3) - Single Color
  • S-A3L (Fit A3) - Single Color 
  • H-A4 (Fit A4) - Full Color Printing

Color options are available on price calculator. 


Production day(s): 7-8 working days 

S-B5 (H200 x W200 x D80 x Handle300mm)100RM 298.00
200RM 476.00
300RM 594.00
400RM 772.00
500RM 891.00
600RM 1,069.00
700RM 1,247.00
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Price Calculator

S-A4 (H330 x W280 x D80 x Handle440mm)S-A3P (H350 x W350 x D100 x Handle500mm)S-A3L (H320 x W420 x D100 x Handle500mm)H-A4 (H330 x W280 x D80 x Handle440mm)
Cool Gray 7 CCool Gray 8 CCool Gray 10 C4655 C7589 C7518 C2111 C2141 C629 C2382 C2145 C326 C360 C361 C2291 C7741 C7732 C7735 CYELLOW CYELLOW 012 C137 C1645 C185 C1795 C1797 C230 C231 C232 C7647 C2046 C2072 C2665 C

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Total : RM 298.00
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